Tech Notes


A Conversation with Chris Squire's Guitar Tech, Richard Davis 

Richard, can you describe what’s in Chris’s rig?
Chris’s rig…Marshall 100 watt head with a Marshall 4 x 12 speaker cabinet (over there), Two Ampeg SVT-2 Pro heads, Two SVT- 8 x10 speaker cabinets, an SWR amplifier head for the Bass Pedals, and an SWR 2 x 15 speaker cabinet (over there).  Effects wise – a Samson stereo radio and receiver, a Sound Sculpture, which is a switching matrix to blend the effects together, a spare one, a Hush Unit, then the effects which are a Maestro Fuzz Unit, a custom built tremolo, an TC Electronics Chorus.  On the bottom shelf we have a TC Reverb, a TC Delay, and a Mutron pedal from the 70's.

When Chris was playing in the seventies and using the MOOG Taurus Bass Pedals, how do you get that sound today?
Actually, Chris used two bass pedal sounds in the 70's.  One being the original Moog Taurus Pedals and the other being an old Italian electronic organ supplemental pedal board that was made by Dutron.  Nowadays, Chris' original blend of these two instruments have been sampled and are played from an EMU sampler.

What guitars has Chris brought with him?
We’re using the original 1964 Rickenbacker, a new Rickenbacker (the Fish Out Of Water bass) which is used on Machine Messiah, then an MPC Electra, which is used on Tempus Fugit and Owner, then a Lakland, which is a Fender Jazz type bass, which is used on Astral Traveler.

We are also carrying in the bass traveling trunk Chris' 8-string Ranney bass which he has used on various songs since the 80's.  His green Mouridian bass which has always been one of his favourites and his original Fender Jazz bass which comes out from time to time.

*Content by Richard Stellar